Experienced Faculty

Our Faculty

Faculty choose to teach here for two main reasons: 

1) They are devoted to our mission and programs and
2) They find meaning in working closely with students to nurture their success.

Expect to spend about an hour in a private meeting with one of our core faculty every other week--or more if you wish.

Enjoy their bios.
University President Addressing Conference

John Bilorusky, PhD

EdD and MS in Education Programs

Brian Gerrard, PhD

Chief Academic Officer
MS-MFT Program

Ronald Mah, PhD, LMFT

Co-Director: MS-MFT Program

Guest lecturer on social change at WISR

Karen Wall, EdD, LMFT, RN

Co-Director: MS-MFT Program; Chair: IRB

Sudia Paloma McCaleb, EdD

Director: EdD in Education and Social Change Program

Steven Pomerantz, EdD

MS-MFT Program

Christine Tippett, LCSW, LMFT

MS-MFT Program

Ava Dee Phillips, LMFT

MS-MFT Program

Linda Hartling, PhD

EdD and MS in Education Programs

Steven Pomerantz,

MS-MFT Program

Christine Tippett, MS, LMFT

MS-MFT Program

Ava Phillips, LMFT

MS-MFT Program

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